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I know it says 10-12 pages on there but my professor said if I can get the point across in 5-7 it will work. I was thinking about doing it on friendship or love because it?s pretty easy to write about but open to anything reallyKYST 3000; PHIL 3400 Lord of the Rings
Spring 2022

Essay Assignment

1.Choose a topic that you have found interesting in reading LOTR this semester.
2.Catalog the most significant parts of LOTR that develop this topic.
3.Find and read three articles or books that address the topic in general and/or in LOTR.
4.Write your article.
5.Nail down your thesis.
6.Give and get peer reviews. April 28
7.Re-write your paper with attention to the writing guidelines below.
8.Turn it in. May 05.
Format: 10-12 pages, printed double-spaced, with 1? margins, no additional spacing between paragraphs, no extra pictorial embellishments, 12 pt Times Roman font. Use Headings to name different sections.

Writing: The paper exhibits a clear writing style.
This means: 12
Yes 8
Somewhat 0
No, not really
The paper has a clear thesis.
The argument for the thesis is strong.
The paper is well-organized and easy to follow, with section headings
Paragraphs are cohesive.
Paragraphs are coherent.
Sentences are concise.
Sentences are written in the active voice.
Bibliography with at least three sources.