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Over the course of The Circle, the protagonist, Mae, undergoes significant changes. Her relationships with her family, her friends, her employer, and even herself shift significantly. These changes indicate to a reader something about the novel’s themes.

How does Mae?s development over the course of the novel reflect ONE of the novel?s themes?

In considering this question, remember some of the themes that you have discussed on the previous board. They include:

Privacy and its role in society
Individuality vs. conformity
The centrality of family
The dominance of work/jobs in modern life
The struggle of maintaining intimate relationships
Technology’s growing influence in the modern world
The delegation of political and/or personal power to private tech companies
Surveillance and coercion in the workplace
The emptiness of virtual life (i.e. social media)
The loss of autonomy
And this is just to name a few. I?m sure you have discussed others as well, or at least variations of the ones above. Feel free to address a theme that you or your peers have identified that is NOT on this list. Note, too, that some of these themes overlap with one another. That’s fine, but try to keep your focus as narrow as possible.

Introduce the novel and its author. Give a very brief (3-4 sentence) summary of its plot. Indicate the theme that you are going to be addressing in your submission. End with a thesis statement in which you indicate, in brief, how you think the protagonist reflects this theme as she develops over the course of the novel.

Develop your thesis with a minimum of 2 body paragraphs, each illustrating one element of the character’s development and how you see it reflecting your chosen theme. These could be specific moments in the text or gradual changes that occur over the course of many pages. You will want to start, however, by identifying at least two stages of development so that you are sure to have at least two body paragraphs. These body paragraphs should have a combination of quotation and paraphrase and develop logically following T.I.E. format.

End with a brief summary of your analysis as well as a “so what” statement: why is it important to recognize the development of your chosen theme in the novel? What does it tell us about the world we are living in today?

Think of this assignment as somewhere between a weekly assignment and an essay. It is shorter and less heavily weighted than an essay, but somewhat longer and more heavily weighted than your average weekly assignments. With this in mind, you should write using the structural components of academic writing that we have learned in this class (thesis statements, well developed body paragraphs, textual support, etc.) but you do not have to worry about MLA formatting or citing sources. The only source you should reference is the novel, after all, so there should be no confusion about what text you are referring to. You also do not need a works cited page.

(550 words)

Book: Dave Eggers’ The Circle (only using pages 1-137)