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For the third essay assignment, choose ONE of the following prompts below and write a focused, specific, and well-supported argument in response. Be sure to use the primary source(s) as your main piece of evidence, quoting it directly and documenting those references according to MLA guidelines. You do not need to use any source beyond the primary one(s); however, if you do, you must document its use. Provide a Works Cited entry for all sources, though it does not need to be on its own page. (APA format is also acceptable, but be consistent in each essay).

Length: Roughly 750 words (or about three pages)

Discuss your understanding of Lucretius’ philosophy, and then state how the following lines are indicative of the philosophy and beliefs of Lucretius (refer to at least two):

“Death is nothing to us.”
“We keep no memory of that once-upon-a-time,/Nor can we call it back.”
“Why not take your leave as men go from a banquet, fed to the full on life’s good feast, come home, and lie at ease, free from anxiety.”
“Life is a gift to no man, only a loan to him.”
“Hell does exist on earth–in the life of fools.”