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Explain why you agree/disagree with the post below or like/dislike the post. Must be a paragraph long.

I think the theory of hedonism is the most convincing and satisfactory from the other theory of value. Hedonism plays an important role is everyone?s life. It is determined as the increase in the desire for pleasure. The theory of hedonism holds that happiness could be a matter of raw subjective feeling. A cheerful life maximizes feelings of delight and minimizes pain, a cheerful person smiles tons, is spirited, bright eyed and bushy tailed; her pleasures are intense and lots of, her pains are few and much between. Many years ago it was seen very common and without any kind of censure. The kings satisfied their pleasure with power or sex. Especially having many women and doing everything that satisfied them feeling the power of authority was a way in those days. In other words, hedonism maintains that the only action or activity that human beings are capable of is the search for pleasure in order to avoid pain or unhappiness. On page 11 John Stuart Mill said , ?By happiness is intended pleasure and the absence of pain; by un I agree to always find the way that makes us happy and take unhappiness, pain and the privation of pleasure?. Today humans prefer more satisfaction to pleasure and avoid pain since it is the continuous and compulsive search for physical or sensory pleasures, which does not lead to true human happiness. The author explained that there are many ways of finding pleasures. Happiness can be said that is the main character because feeling pleasure people find it, but he gave a good example that it seems nowadays a lot and is the love of money. On page 17 he said, ?Yet the love of money in not only one of the strongest moving forces of human life, but money is, in many cases, desired in and for itself; the desire to possess it is often stronger than the desire of use it ?. This quote is just as clear as the cruel reality. Many people buy pleasure with money, which today they believe is why they have the power to do what they want with other people. In other words, we can spend time studying or working and with that we will have the power of money, it would be a reward for the hard work that we ourselves have done. Even that, I agree to always find the way that makes us happy and take it.