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The Community Engagement Paper is a letter to the author of an article of your choosing in a well-known online publication. These publications include, but are not limited to, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, National Public Radio, The Economist, Foreign Policy magazine, The Wall Street Journal and The Christian Science Monitor. You may have access to these publications through the FIU Libraries.

In your paper, you must explain why you are writing this letter, how it relates to the material covered either in the lectures or the textbook, and how the course has shifted your perspective, or ought to shift the perspective, of the author in question. This article cannot be peer-reviewed journal article or from a secondary-source website such as; it must be from a news source that people read for otherwise regular news.

This paper doesn’t require a thesis statement, but it does require a bibliography, the student?s name on the first page, and should adhere to the conventions of standard written English. This paper must have citations according to the Chicago Manual of Style Notes-Bibliography format. A title page is not required. Papers must be double-spaced. This paper must have a minimum of 600 words; the student?s name, page numbers, citations and bibliography entries do not count towards this minimum.

Do not send this letter to the author, only submit it to Canvas.