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each student will produce a clear, convincing final draft of an argumentative essay on a current issue, to include the following:

900-1100 words*
MLA style in-text citations and works cited page (SLO 5, Personal Responsibility)
Minimum of 4 scholarly sources,* may be both primary and secondary. (SLO 3, Critical Thinking)
Each student must utilize at least one source provided by a group member.*
Quotations, paraphrase, or summary from sources to support argument. (SLO 2)
Edited American English.
2. Content

Introduction with well-developed thesis statement
Argument relevant to the group?s current issue in a mode of argumentationdifferent from other group members (definition, resemblance, causal, evaluation, proposal, or hybrid).* Students may select the same mode of argumentation if they are expressing opposing viewpoints.
The students will synthesize sources gathered from research to support their central claim about the current issue, inspire belief or action, and persuade the audience of the student?s stance. (SLO 2, 3, and 4) At least one source must come from another group member?s research.* The essay must build credibility and effectively communicate the student?s purpose and selected issue.
Well-developed counterargument(s) with rebuttal(s)* addressing the alternate viewpoint(s) to strengthen the student?s position.
Conclusion which summarizes and provides closure to the argument.