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A 1500-word (?10%) cloud migration report

Produce a cloud migration report based on the following scenario:

You are the IT infrastructure manager for Glitter Insurance Ltd and have made the decision to transition your server infrastructure from an onsite server to a virtual cloud infrastructure. You are to produce a technical report for the company that outlines how this could be achieved and justification of your choices. Glitter Insurance is a medium-sized business so this should be accounted for in the report. The business currently hosts onsite services such as web, database and storage facilities but is looking to move, or partially move these services to the cloud.

In this report you should consider 7 questions:

The current network infrastructure at Glitter Insurance and how it could be adapter to a cloud-based network infrastructure
Which cloud services would be relevant to the company and why?
How would the data or services be migrated?
How would you protect customer data?
Potential for hybrid cloud solutions with justification
Potential issues surrounding the transition
A cloud disaster recovery plan