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Rough Draft Due Date: March 31, 2022

Final Draft Due Date: April 14, 2022

Page Length: 4-5 pages, at least 1,000 words

Required: Four (4) outside sources & six (6) in-text citations

Paper must be typed and follow APA guidelines

For this paper, you must select a work of art of your choosing and analyze it both visually and historically. The artwork can be in any medium and from any period but must provide commentary on a political or social issue. You should start on this as soon as possible. Your paper should be equal parts visual analysis of the work and exploration of its historical context. You must also make some sort of argument (create a thesis!). Spend time looking carefully at your artwork. You will need to include the work in your paper.

Use the following questions to help you refine your argument: What were the artist’s intentions? What are the circumstances of the work’s creation? Where does the work fit into the artist’s collective body? Is it typical of the artist?s work or something different? What are the themes explored in the work and/or how might they relate to the artist and time period? Where does the work fit into the broader spectrum of art or global conversation? How does its style and mode of presentation correlate or diverge from to the prevailing artistic norms of the culture and period? How are the facts and interpretations that you discover about the artist and the work supported or refuted by what you see in the artwork itself?

Remember to use third person in your paper. This is art research, not art criticism. Stick to solid historical facts and scholarly sources rather than be distracted by theoretical interpretations. Use the work as your guide when determining which sources or arguments to incorporate into your paper. Also, be selective about the sources you use for your research. Use your judgment when reading; do not simply reiterate someone else?s argument unless you are planning to disagree or elaborate upon it. I will be looking for intelligent use of sources, not wholesale repetition, or antagonistic nitpicking. Make sure you consult both books and articles in your research. I will be suspicious of a paper that cites only online sources.


a title page, an abstract, body pages, and a references page.