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Reading due Chapter 21 ? Addictions p. 302-318

Summarize the discussion of the kinds of shame and the role of shame in addictions.

How can shame be reduced?
For each task put eac of the sections in your own words

Task I ? establishing safety: read the 3 aspects of safety and put them in your own words.

Also comment on the section in #2 that says: ?Unresolved emotional issues that have been kept submerged by the addiction now come to the surface.? How does this affect the therapeutic process?

Task 2 : Why face the feelings of powerlessness? That sounds disheartening.

1-labeling the addiction

2 ? Unmanageablility and powerlessness

Task 3 – Breaking through denial

1-?Creative modalities tend to bypass intellectual controls.? How is this helpful in this goal of breaking through denial?

2-Become aware of triggers ? how does this help

Task 4 ? Surrendering to the Process of recovery

1-Support groups

2 ? Higher power (not a specific belief system)

Task 5 Understanding the origins of shame

1? Family of origin messages

2-Break through myths, rules, perfectionism. Does this make sense that addicts are perfectionists?

3Affirmation and empowerment

the book is called handbook of art therapy. second edition by cathy a malchiodi.