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Please read the following documents for this assignment:
Take on the role of a major airline’s communications director sending a letter to shareholders about the company’s plans to start outsourcing/offshoring MRO work
In this letter, convince your shareholders that the airline is doing the right thing, for both profitability and safety
Saving money certainly is one of the biggest reasons, but don’t stop there – tell your audience HOW this action saves money for the company
Assuming that this letter will leak out to the general public and the airline’s labor unions, be sure to give it as much positive spin against what the unions might say so that shareholders are not frightened by what the reactions they hearRapid #: -16174163
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JOURNAL TITLE: Aviation week & space technology USER JOURNAL TITLE: Aviation week & space technology. ARTICLE TITLE: Outsourcing emerges as key MRO trend. ARTICLE AUTHOR: Phillips, Edward H.,
YEAR: 1996
PAGES: 42-
ISSN: 0005-2175

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