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Research Topic: American Airlines Flight AA587 Accident

This course requires you to prepare and
submit a research paper on the emergency response effort directed to a
major aircraft mishap of your choice.

The paper must be supported with
references and regulations applicable to the incident/plan. Remember
that the nature of the class is aircraft crash and emergency management,
and the focus of the paper should revolve around this theme. Papers
that do not address this topic but focus instead on other important yet
unrelated safety issues will not grade well.

your research paper must include a lessons learned component. This is
an opportunity to place your ARFF Commander helmet on one last time and
utilize what you have learned from the previous mishap exercises in this
course. Describe your chosen mishaps successes and failures. Explain
what was done correctly and what was done incorrectly by that airport’s
emergency response team(s). Describe your recommendations for
improvement that these teams could make to their operations so they are
better prepared in the future.

You will provide
a mishap that you would like to write about, from the perspective of
the ARFF Commander/On-Scene commander, for your research paper that will
be submitted. In the research paper, you will write about
the initial call (tower or 911), explain the strategy used to respond, and then explain rescue/recovery actions. Finally, you will provide lessons learned from the response and make recommendations for future calls.

The written assignment paper formatting requirements are as follows:

The research paper must be 11 pages in length, at a minimum, not including the title page and reference section.
Must have an abstract page.
Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced
All sources should be cited using the (APA) style and format,
including APA-formatted citations and a comprehensive APA-formatted
reference list.